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For the best experience please use the latest Chrome or Safari browser. Firefox 10 (to be released soon) will also handle it.


What is markdown2impress?

markdown2impress is script to convert markdown into presentation using impress.js.

How to use?

  1. Write markdown.
  2. Run, then generate 'js/impress.js', 'css/impress.css' and 'index.html'.

    % markdown2impress

Slide Dividing rule

Each slide is divided into sections.

'data-*' attribute rule

'data-*' attribute for impress.js represent HTML comment. This comment must be write in secion.

<!-- data-x="2400" -->
<!-- data-y="3000" -->
<!-- data-z="-100" -->
<!-- data-scale="10" -->
<!-- data-rotate="90" -->

markdown2impress assume and calculate default x,y, if you do not specify this.

See impress.js manual for details.

Command line options

Use a spacebar or arrow keys to navigate